I am a totally thrilled Seymour AV customer.
Excellent products and unparalleled customer service. Awesome.

Jerry Greenfield, Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry's


Center Stage screens


Center Stage XD screen and masking panel review, 11/2012

"The Seymour AV [Center Stage XD] screen was a very balanced white and exhibited uniform gain characteristics across the color spectrum.  The Seymour AV screen has not only proved itself visually, but also audibly in the testing and usage above.  The Seymour AV Center Stage XD screen will be a long treasured addition to my home theater."
- Jim Robbins, Audioholics

Our Center Stage XD screens won an award for 2009 Consumer Excellence from


Our magnetic masking panels won an award for 2013 Consumer Excellence as well.



Here is an AVS thread where our customers are discussing Center Stage screens:
Official AVS thread, Seymour AV Center Stage screens
More AVS Home Theaters of the Month use Seymour AV screens than any other screen.  When the pickiest, most value-oriented techno-dorks in the world reliably choose Seymour AV for their own homes, you should be confident in our products.
(Note: Alan Gouger, co-founder of AV Science, personally owns two Center Stage XD screens)


In this test report from the most experienced reference calibrator in the industry to over 2000 theaters (and developer/consultant to the fundamental tools calibrators use such as CalMAN and Photo Research), W. Jeff Meier from AccuCal found the Center Stage XD to be Best in Class, and the Center Stage UF is considered Recommended

When an AT screen is not well engineered, it gives the entire performance class a bad reputation.  We replace the screen materials Jeff lists as "unrecommended" on a daily basis.

4K Resolution

All Seymour AV screens are fully rated for 4K resolutions.  Here is an article from a UK dealer with a 170" wide Center Stage XD screen, with the same 1080p Blu-Ray paused between a $100k 1080p projector and a $20k 4K projector.  Note the performance of this six-figure projector is not limited by the XD screen; in fact it has much more to resolve in 4K.  Buying a reference quality screen will last through several projectors.

"Where the best picture and sound quality is required we recommend Seymour AV screens as providing the best combination of acoustic and video performance. These screens are also excellent value for the money."

Gecko Home Cinema

At this Swedish HT forum, a user measured our Center Stage (both original and the new XD) against the most acoustically transparent materials available.  Click here for the Google English translated version.  The test results are in post #84.

Electronic House

DIY Home Theater Includes 176" Seymour AV Screen

Audioholics First Look

Center Stage screens, 10/2008

Matinee screens

Projector Central

The Matinee Black screen was part of their large Ambient Light Rejection Screen shootout, 3/2016.

"The Seymour Matinee Black wins top honors for delivering the highest contrast measured in the side illumination tests, handily beating the second place SI Black Diamond.  It achieved this by maintaining the deepest black levels in the group.  And with excellent contrast and solid blacks comes excellent color saturation - overall, the Seymour delivers an outstanding image produced by a very successful rejectioon of ambient light coming from the side."

Glacier screens


Premier frame Glacier Gray screen and magnetic masking panel review, 12/2014.

"The blacks were indeed blacker, and the perceived contrast had visibly increased as a result. The images appeared more naturally colored and richer than with my previous screen.
    Where once we had to watch football games in the dark (not so good for social gatherings) we can now throw on the tracks and socialize without tripping on a step and/or falling asleep.
    With these panels I found my eyes to be less stressed, and the image possessed far more contrast. Really, the whole projector system went from good to great as soon as I added the panels.
    The quality, precision and attention to assembly and installation detail were the best I’ve seen—not only on screens, but also with regards to the manufacture of any quality product."
- Mike Hurta, Audiogurus

Fanboy installs

David - Altoona, IA, one of most winners of AV Science "Home Theater of the Month" that use Seymour AV screens.

Ice Block amps


Ice Block 5001 amp review, 4/2013

Wrapping up, I’d say the Seymour AV 5001 Ice Block Class-D amplifiers offered a smooth and relaxed sound and enough power to push the Eficion F250 and the less sensitive Bogdan Art Deco to their max. Their sound will offer those who might want to rock out, or ‘jazz’ out for hours, a powerful, relaxed, and cost effective way to achieve this. The relaxed mid-range and smooth highs as well as the deep bass are engaging at high volumes, allow for long listening periods, and these amplifiers should be on the demo list of anyone looking for these sonic traits in their next amplifier.


2009 Amp of the Year "... impressed us in every way and left us no doubt about the choice of amplifier this year"'s 2009 Product of the Year awards can be found in a translated version here.

Ice Block 10001 amp review, 10/2009
This is an Israeli electronic publication and forum site.  The original Hebrew text is here. Google's awkward but more Englishy translation is here.

"These amps have proven themselves better in a massive show of strength, accuracy, transparency, presentation and how wide.  No unmatched ability to control bass and ultimatums."


Ice Block 5001 amp review, 4/2009

"These amps produce so much of what the high end has to offer at such a ridiculously low " price that it is practically a steal.  Not only is it easy on the ears but it is visually stunning."


Ice Block 5001 amp review 4/2009

"...if you want a great amp at a decent price with fantastic looks, the 5001 is for you."

AVRant #106

Amp discussion begins at time 31:30, 12/2008

Audioholics First Look

Ice Block amps, 10/2008

"I received the 10001 amps timely. Have been listening to them now for about month & 1/2...and they sound great. I was a little skeptical buying amps that I hadn't heard; but I have no regrets and am glad I took the chance! My son is an assistant orchestra conductor; he's listened to the amps and also thought they sound very good. I had a salesman from a local electronics store listen to them; and he thinks they sound great...he called them warm, sweet sounding...reminiscent of tube sound.

In searching the Internet before I placed the order, the opinions I read of Class D amps ranged from great to they're a piece of junk. To those that say they're a piece of junk; I haven't listened to them! All in all; Great sound in great looking small boxes; little heat and friendly to the environment! All at a fair price! What more could you want?

I'm driving B&W 803Ds, and I'm extremely pleased with the sound! I had been using a B&K 5 channel amp (200 watts @ channel), and these sound superior to the B&Ks. I listen to classical music. To me, the bass is appropriate for that style of music...clean, quick, and natural sounding. I have a great recording of Respighi's "Church Windows". In the St. Michael Archangel movement, you have fortissimo brass with organ. With the B&K amp, the organ lagged slightly in time. With your amps, the organ is right on with the brass. In the St. Gregory The Great movement, there is solo organ that these amps make it sound just great! You hear the pedal notes as notes...not a rumbling sound, coupled with the mid-range and upper notes of the organ it truly makes a "joyful noise"!! In places with loud bass drum and timpani, the B&K is more boomy, whereas the Ice Block amps are tighter and cleaner. Perhaps if you're into heavy rock, rap, etc, and you like big boomy bass, Class D might not be quite right; however, for music with acoustical instruments, I think it sounds great. You amps look cool, sound great, came promptly, and were carefully packaged and protected. What more can be said?

Thank you,

D. B. Nilles - Fargo, ND"