Press // Fanboy installs: fixed Center Stage screens

The screen looks wonderful and is top-notch quality.

Encore Home Theaters

"I completed the room last week and am very happy with the results.  Here are a few pics to show you your screen.  The screen looks wonderful and is top-notch quality."

Steve - Encore Home Theaters - Plano, TX

Here is a behind-the-screen image that shows Steve's line arrays that he built for the job.  This picture illustrates the advantages of an acoustically transparent screen: perfect sonic imaging, a center channel that is completely identical to the mains, vertically oriented, and complete concealment of an incredible amount of transducer capability.  The speakers are completely invisible in the application with the screen providing an uncompromised audio and video synergy.

" I have to say that I'm very pleased with it's performance, both picture quality and it's acoustical properties."

Greg - Darkside Audio - Bedford, UK

Acoustic best practice: a perfectly matched L/C/R set of identical JTR speakers, vertically oriented, on the same level and the center channel is where it belongs, behind the image.

The Gold award-winning home theater (under $50k category) focuses around a 136" wide Seymour AV Center Stage XD screen with removable masking panels, as featured in Electronic House HOTY 2013 awards.
Mario -
Cinemar Solutions - Kenosha, WI

"This past weekend I did demo some movies and I am very, very impressed by the clarity of the dialogue and dynamics!  I was grinning ear to ear.  I think the treatments made a huge positive impact to the overall sound...thanks for helping me realize my home theater dream!"

Mr. Ang, a client of Acoustic Frontiers, premier acousticians located in Marin County, CA. The blog article is here.

Vikram Rao's 15kW "Superman" theater, with a 140" wide curved Center Stage XD screen, as featured in Electronic House.

The Vista Home Theater

The Black Hole Home Theater


Center Stage XD screen with magnetic top/bottom masking panels to change the screen from 16:9 to 2.40 ratio.
John - Woodbridge, VA

Jumar - Pharr, Tx

Installed is his 125" wide, 2.07 constant area screen with removable magnetic constant width panels (top / bottom, to convert to 2.40, not shown).

B. Walters



Steven Due has eight, 18" subwoofers about six inches behind his Center Stage XD, and no visible screen shake. That's acoustic transparency right there, folks. He did later paint those vertical studs matte black, for the record.

J. Vermette and his Precision fixed frame

Here is a custom screen we did, where we modified the screen's grommet system so that the XD could be wrapped around the front of the frame, giving a frameless look.  The architect wanted a truly invisible home theater system, with matching XD subwoofer cabinet door covers.

A Sound Studio 3 - Belgium

W. English - Raleigh, NC, as featured in Electronic House

"This is the Seymour Fixed Frame 130 (130" horizontal) in 2.37.  The picture on it is outstanding.  You have to get so close to the screen to see the grain that you'd never want to sit there (3-4' or so).  The build of the screen is very well done.  I like well engineered products and this is right up there.  Very easy to assemble, very solid feeling, and looks beautiful when it's done.  I love the method used to attach the screen to the frame.  My wife was out of town when I installed it and she was really impressed when she came back to see it.  All in all - very pleased - definite two thumbs up for anyone considering purchasing."

"Hi Chris - I have the screen installed and working!  It's awesome! Installation went very smooth - no issues at all.  Start to finish took me approximately 1 hour - and I think 1/2 of that was installing the rubberbands!  LOVE your rubberband installation method - it is by far the best way to do it I've ever seen.  Nice and tight, self-centering, self-tensioning.  My 'floating' screen worked great - was very easy to install and is rock-solid up there."

Bruce - Concord, NC