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How to order

For Seymour AV's smaller fixed frame screens, amps, cables and accessories, feel free to use the online shopping cart for destinations within the US.  Or, feel free to contact us with the Message Form (on the Contact Us Page) or email us directly with as much of a description as you can tolerate.  Once we fully understand what you're looking for, we typically send you a PayPal or Google Checkout invoice to pay from which will include applicable shipping and sales tax if you're lucky enough to live in Iowa.

Lead times

Currently, our retractable screens ship in three weeks due to their complexity and the current backlog.  Everything else takes about a week to make for you.  All product is manufactured to order, here in the USA.


All prices listed on this page are only applicable in the USA or in countries that we are able to service directly (e.g. Canada, Europe, Australia).  As we increase our exports, we will be working with select international distributors.  Please check our distributor listings for contact information and inquiries.

Projection screens

Retractable electric Learn more »

Because the retractable screens are a customized product, we need to discuss your specifications personally.  You should be able to closely approximate what our prices are from the following chart, which now include free US shipping.  Contact us for pricing of the various other options or custom features you may want.

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Screen format (size) Width (inch) Diagonal (inch) Base Price
(Retractable 2.35) F095 95 103.2 $1,848
F100 100 108.7 $1,900
F105 105 114.1 $1,947
F110 110 119.5 $2,043
F115 115 125.0 $2,137
F120 120 130.4 $2,234
F130 130 141.3 $2,446
F140 140 152.1 $2,680
F150 150 163.0 $2,928
(Retractable 16:9) H085 85 97.5 $1,590
H090 90 103.3 $1,683
H095 95 109.0 $1,905
H100 100 114.7 $1,960
H105 105 120.5 $2,053
H110 110 126.2 $2,146
H115 115 131.9 $2,222
H120 120 137.7 $2,297
H130 130 149.2 $2,507
H140 140 160.6 $2,738
H150 150 172.1 $2,992
Part number digit(s) Code Description
1: Format
F Film, (2.35)
H HDTV, 16:9 (1.78)
M Dual roller masking screen with Millibel panel(s) (+45%)
X Custom, consult factory (e.g. 2.05, 2.37, 2.40)
2,3,4: Image width
??? 085 to 150 (inch)
5: Screen fabric
X Center Stage XD (acoustically transparent), for larger images
U Center Stage UF (acoustically transparent), for smaller sizes
6: Fabric layers
B Double layer, full black backing
7: Border masking
T 2" black fabric velvet, tab tensioned
8,9: Preset drop (bottom of case to top of image)
?? 02 to 08 (inch), standard
?? 09 to 30 (inch), (+$50)
?? 31+ (inch), (+$100, not available in all model case sizes)
10: Voltage, motor type
F 230v, 50Hz, 50dB, ~14sec, standard Gen5 4-wire motor
U 115v, 60Hz, 50dB, ~14sec, standard Gen5 RF-only motor
V 115v, 60Hz, 50dB, ~14sec, standard Gen5 4-wire motor
11,12: Extruded aluminum case finish
AB Black, satin
AW White, satin (+$50)
BP Premium black pearl blue, 5 coat gloss (+$275)
FV Premium Fidelio black velvet, no labels (+$85)
HC Premium hardwood cherry, satin (+$435, other woods available)
NC No case, required on largest sizes, consult factory (-$3xx, quoted)
XX Custom, consult factory
13: Cord
1 Black cord, 118", 3-prong plug
2 Grey cord, 96", 3-prong plug
3 Flat-plug black cord, 96", 3-prong plug (+$25)
4 Flat-plug white cord, 96", 3-prong plug (+$25)
9 Black cord, 72", stripped ends (for 220v, 4-wire, or direct wiring)

Gen5 accessories

If you opt for the RF-only control, you won't need anything else beyond the two included remotes; just plug it in and enjoy.  If you prefer the additional control choices that the 4-wire Gen5 motor gives, then you'll likely need some peripherals.

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Gen5 motor    accessories Description (only for use with 4-wire motor) Price
RP60ABMH F Gen5 4-wire motor control box, 230v $254
RP60ABMH V Gen5 4-wire motor control box, 115v, 72" white power cord $254
WEP V2 Screen / control box power connector wall cover plate, white $41
RE-6 IN IR mini receiver, 6" white $14
RE-2 FT IR mini receiver, 24" white $16
RE-6 FT IR mini receiver, 72" white $18
RE-6 FT BK IR mini receiver, 72" black $19
REB V2 IR receiver, wall mount, white $25
REJ IR receiver, J-box mount with violet Decora lens $47
T1-5000 IR remote, in case you can't download the IR codes $36
LVT-BUS JP6 Low voltage DC trigger BUS input module with JP6 cable $62
RR433 V2 RF receiver, 1 to 5 channel, for control box, white $93
T5-3300 RF RF 5-channel remote, only for use with control box $67
R2D7 RS-232 serial interface for RP motor control box $155
RS232 adaptor RS232 adaptor, DB9 to RJ14 $21
Data Cable White or black phone line cable with connectors, various lengths contact
6P6C T adaptor Splitter, male phone line 6P6C, two females, to plug two peripherals into the eye port $3
1800378 Momentary paddle wall switch for control box, white $29
1800374 Maintained paddle wall switch for direct 4-wire, white $29

Fixed frame Learn more »

The below prices include any of our Seymour AV screen materials in single layer (no optional secondary black backing for our AT materials), all of which include free US shipping.  The cart system works for all standard sizes and combinations.  Please contact us for custom sizes or options, or optional kit such as our new Neodymium bottom corner wall pulls.

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1-4: Screen format, size
Width (in) Diagonal (inch) Premier frame screen Precision frame screen
(Fixed HDTV, 1.78, 16:9) H085 85 97.5 $999 $699
H090 90 103.3 $1,068 $748
H095 95 109.0 $1,141 $799
H100 100 114.7 $1,220 $854
H105 105 120.5 $1,383 $968
(Max size for Matinee) H106.5 106.5 122.2   $987
H110 110 126.2 $1,472 $1,030
H115 115 131.9 $1,567 $1,097
H120 120 137.7 $1,668 $1,167
H130 130 149.2 $1,775 $1,243
H140 140 160.6 $1,895
H150 150 172.1 $2,013
H160 160 183.6 $2,149
H168.6 168.6 193.4 $2,284
(Fixed "scope" 2.35) F095 95 103.2 $1,049 $734
F100 100 108.7 $1,121 $785
F105 105 114.1 $1,289 $902
F110 110 119.5 $1,371 $960
F115 115 125.0 $1,459 $1,021
F120 120 130.4 $1,552 $1,086
 F130 130 141.3 $1,652 $1,156
F140 140 152.1 $1,763
F150 150 163.0 $1,871
F160 160 173.9 $1,997
F170 170 184.7 $2,228
F180 180 195.6 $2,498
F190 190 206.5 $2,802
F200 200 217.4 $3,145
(Curved, fixed A-Lens,2.37) C095 95 103.1 $1,415
C100 100 108.5 $1,534
C105 105 114.0 $1,741
C110 110 119.4 $1,862
C115 115 124.8 $2,002
C120 120 130.2 $2,142
 C130 130 141.1 $2,303
C140 140 151.9 $2,475
C150 150 162.8 $2,650
C160 160 173.7 $2,848
C170 170 184.5 $3,229
C180 180 195.3 $3,675
C190 190 206.2 $4,185
C200 200 217.0 $4,768
5,6: Screen fabric layer(s)
XS Center Stage XD (larger acoustically transparent), single layer
XB Center Stage XD (larger acoustically transparent), w/ black layer
US (NEW!) Center Stage UF (smaller acoustically transparent), single layer
UB (NEW!) Center Stage UF (smaller acoustically transparent), w/ black layer
GW Glacier White (non-AT, dark rooms, no light)
GG (NEW!) Glacier Gray (non-AT, medium rooms, minimal light)
MS (NEW!) Matinee Silver (non-AT, light rooms, moderate light)
MB (NEW!) Matinee Black (non-AT, light rooms, severe light)

Fixed frame masking panelsLearn more »

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1-5: Screen's original aspect ratio
CW178 Converts a 16:9 (1.78) HDTV screen to 2.40,
(Image widths <116": $399, widths >116": $499)
CH235 Converts a 2.35 screen to 16:9 (1.78), $349 /pr
CH237 Converts a 2.37 screen to 16:9 (1.78), $349 /pr
6-8: Screen's original image width
??? Exact image width (e.g. "095" for 95 inches)
9: Panel type
F Fidelio velvet, non-AT
or M3.5
Millibel, velvet/ black, 0.3dB AT
(3.5" inside border is standard for CH, optional is a 1.5" border)
(1.5" inside border is standard for CW panels)

DIY fabricLearn more »

We cannot extend return privileges on cut material.  Please contact us for a sample if you are unsure.  For precision cuts of tilted XD (recommended for image widths up to H130 or F160), contact the factory for a custom order.  For cheaper UF, grill cloth or velvet shipping, contact us for a folded option.  For the large sample tube, if you want anything besides a non-tilted XD, contact us.

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size / height price
Center Stage XD screen fabric (out of stock, due in 1/23) 98 in. $22.95 / linear ft.
(NEW) Center Stage UF screen fabric (rolled, folded contact us)  84 in. $13.95 / linear ft.
Glacier White non-AT screen fabric84 in. $18.95 / linear ft.
(NEW) Glacier Gray non-AT screen fabric 84 in. $19.95 / linear ft.
Millibel AT black backing 63 in. $12.95 / linear ft.
Millibel AT black backing 98 in. $19.95 / linear ft.
premium black speaker grill cloth (rolled, folded contact us) 65 in. $8.17 / linear ft.
Fidelio® black ultra-premium velvet (rolled, folded contact us) 48 in. $11.95 / linear ft.
(NEW) Baritone black premium velvet (rolled, folded contact us) 60 in. $9.95 / linear ft.
large sized sample(s) 24 in. x 24 in. $20, contact factory
letter sized sample(s) 8.5 in. x 11 in. no charge, contact factory

Ice Block ampsLearn more »

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Description Price
Ice Block 2001 200w x 1 $999 ea
Ice Block 5001 500w x 1 $1099 ea
Ice Block 10001 1000w x 1 $1399 ea

Ice Block part numbering

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Power output
Part number digit(s) Code Description
IB2001 200w x 1
IB5001 500w x 1
IB10001 1000w x 1
1: Finish
B Black pearl blue, five coat gloss
C Cherry hardwood veneer, satin (+$100, other woods available)
S Brushed stainless steel, 386 Nanotech sealed
X Custom finish, consult factory
2: Input RCA color
R Red (right)
W White (left)
3: Voltage
1 115v
2 230v
4: Power cord type
4 20 ft AR Pro II, 115v (+$85)
6 6 ft, 14ga IEC, 115v
0 10 ft, 14ga IEC, 115v
N 230v or no cord

386 Nanotech stainless steel kit

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It's costly and we were skeptical, but after trying this product we saw the light and use it on the Ice Block amp's premium brushed stainless steel. Unlike traditional oil-based cleaners and conditioners the 386 Nanotech stainless steel cleaning and sealing kit effectively protects stainless steel from fingerprints and blemishes and simplifies cleaning; a damp cloth actually cleans well. While the manufacturer won't let us discount it, we'll ship it for free and without any handling charges. Each kit is $69.95 and covers around 100 ft2.

Speaker cables

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Speaker cable Length
Meters Feet (one each)
1 3.3 $49.95
2 6.6 $57.95
3 9.8 $67.95
4 13.1 $75.95
5 16.4 $83.95
7.5 24.6 $105.95
locking bananas, one end, (spades on the other end) +$20.00
locking bananas, both ends +$40.00
bi-wire +$16.00

Analog interconnect cables

Hi-Flex subwoofer / digital / video interconnect cables


Seymour AV's major products usually ship via FedEx.  We strive to have the fastest lead times in the market, and will contact you with an email confirmation of your order and a tracking number.

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Screen (W) Length HxW FedEx Ground USA Canada Europe1 Asia and Oceania1
electric 85-90 108 10x9 free $175 freight freight
electric 95-150 118-168 10x9-12x11 free freight freight freight
Premier fixed 85-100 98-108 7x15 free $95 freight freight
Premier fixed 105-200 118-208 7x16 free freight freight freight
Precision fixed frame 62-93 10x8 free $55 $145* $190*
<63" DIY fabric <65 3.3 $25 $70 $140* $175*
64"+ DIY fabric 66-101 3.5 $35 $80 $180* $215*

1Options include FedEx Intl Express Freight (priority or economy service), UPS air freight consolidated, or other air freight forwarding services.  We've seen a wide range of costs from $115 to $275 depending on length and what services are available to specific locations.  You would be responsible for VAT or other nondelivery fees.
*Some areas are not deliverable at the normal rate and will cost extra depending on the best quote available.

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(W x L x H)
FedEx Ground
FedEx Ground
Asia and Oceania
Ice Block 20 x 16 x (8 or 12) free $50 ea $59 ea $119 ea
Speaker or Interconnect 13 x 13 x (5 or 10) $8 Flat rate $19 Flat rate $29 Flat rate $39 Flat rate

B-stock basement

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B-Stock item(s) Description Price
TAM-2L-156-4K Excellent USED, Seymour-Screen Excellence True Aspect Masking (TAM) screen, 156" wide 2.40 ratio with motorized acoustically transparent side masking, Enlightor-4K screen material with optional secondary black backing.  Included are two RP60 motor controls, an IR eye and remote.  This screen was removed from Oprah's home theater after a couple months of operation because we suspected something was wrong and replaced it.  As it turns out, it was how their automation was configured to send RS-232 packets and the original screen was fine.  We shipped it back to the factory and refinished the velvet.  (was $23,780 shipped US, -60% OFF) $9,512
3F123.2WS-AV21 Excellent DEMO, Seymour-Screen Excellence Ambient-Visionaire screen, used at two regional demonstrations with Wolf Cinema, Procella and Red Digital.  Series-3 frame with sectioned top/bottom (option for easier transportation, 6-pieces total) 123.2"w (133.5"d) 2.4 ratio, Ambient-Visionaire 2.1 gain.  (was $3931 shipped US, -60% OFF) $1572
CW178-115-F NEW, Premier frame accessory magnetic masking panels, for 115"w (131.9"d) 16:9 ratio (not included) of your choice.  The top/bottom set of four panels transform the 16:9 native ratio to 2.37 and are covered in all non-AT Fidelio velvet.  (was $399 shipped US, -25% OFF) $299
9012345 Somfy 4-connector control cable splitter and dry contact (was $23,-50% OFF) $11.50
1810561 Somfy IR remote, black (was $39, -50% OFF) $19.50
1810639 Somfy Telis 1 RF remote, silver (was $123, -50% OFF) $61.50
1810650 Somfy Telis 1 RF remote, black (was $123, -50% OFF) $61.50

4-Connector splitter This handy device not only splits one control cable into three more 4P4C connectors, but also has connections for dry contact control (open/ close).  If you aren't just connecting a single wall switch or IR receiver, this is the economical hardwired control option.

IR remote If you already have an IR file for a Somfy motor that you can drop into your universal remote, you won't need to buy this fugly remote.  Or, you can buy it to program/ teach your universal remote.

RF remote Somfy's Telis RF remotes are available in two colors, black ("Lounge")and silver.  They're a bit large and expensive, but come with a nifty little hanging knob.

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